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IoT - Internet of Things

IoT applications can be described as Things (or devices), sending data or events that are used to generate Insights, which are used to generate Actions to help improve a business or process. We can provide solutions based on the Azure IoT product portfolio, which is an overview of the available PaaS/SaaS technologies and solutions. 

In recent projects we were able to combine AI and IoT in one solution, the sensors are able to scan the movements and cameras take pictures for futher face recognition purposes in order to gather data about customers and do futher analytics. Moreover, IoT based solutions can be used in many sectors such as agriculture, transportation, Oil & Gas and manufacturing in order to gather a data from different equipment and operational enviroment to improved maintenance of equipment or prevent/monitor any type of daily operational requirements. Using IoT based solutions can significantly reduce the cost of any business or imporve it is quality of operation and customer experience. 

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