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Power BI Consulting

As a part of our Business Intelligence services we use Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence tool that transforms your organization data into enriched visual objects to organize performance indicators, detect tendencies and power your business as we deploy the Business Intelligence System within your organization. 

With Microsoft Power BI we can connect to any kind of data source to build real-time and dynamic dashboards which can be shared within the organization. 


Please see the video below to learn more about Power BI.

Advantages of Power BI

Create amazing reports and visualizations with Power BI Desktop.

You will be able to create reports intuitively to visually analyze all your data, with simple tools, by dragging and dropping content. Discover patterns while you interactively visualize your organization’s key information.

Let data be with you on your trip.

The same information, anywhere. Stay connected to the data with the Power BI for Windows, iOS and Android. The global view of your data at hand’s reach.

Connect to what is important.

The application integrates with various market systems: from Excel spreadsheets, local data sources, Hadoop data sets, transmission data and cloud services.

You can see a real-life example of one of the dashboards created by our data experts below:

As a Microsoft Partner in Data Analytics Novum provides consultancy and trainings for Power BI deployment and development. Contact us for more detailed information.  

Download our full Power BI presentation here.

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