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Corporate Trainings

In Novum, we value education and passion to learn and organize corporate Excel and Power BI trainings as a part of our consulting services. Our focus is on teaching how to deal with daily needs and apply them to particular cases. Our instructors have significant experience in corporate trainings based on Microsoft products. Providing different levels of trainings we work with different personnel starting from entry-level staff up to experienced analysts and senior management who need to demonstrate analytical skills in their daily work process. We divide our trainings to different caregories:

Excel Beginner – this is 16 hours course for employees of any level and experience starting from interns to sales people and business owners who need to track their daily activites in Excel.

Excel Intermediate to Advanced – this practical course will give your employees a good understanding of advanced nested formulas within Excel as well as of tools like Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables and others. They will learn how to implement advanced Excel tools in real-life situations. At the end of the course, they will have an introduction to VBA and Power Query.

Excel VBA – Knowledge of VBA can save hours of time every day for each person as well as reasonably reduce the probability of mistakes. Almost every complicated task can be automated within Excel if you know how to use VBA. This course is designed for High-Level Excel Experts who want to learn to code and automate their daily work.

MS Power BI – Power BI is a great tool developed by Microsoft where you can gather data from a variety of data sources within one report, create dynamic dashboards from different reports and securely share them with people in your and other organizations. Moreover, you may use powerful DAX language to create complex measures as cumulative totals, comparisons with last month, quarter or year. 

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