Our Case Studies

This listing contains some case studies and projects realized by Novum team.

Catering Model

For big events, it’s always crucial to know crowd flows and traffic on the different parts of the venue especially during the peak arrival times. Throughout the F1 race at specific times the grandstands and concert zones were in the spotlight. At each place, we placed volunteers with click counters who were counting entries and exits and sending the result to the central operator who entered the numbers to the central database through our application. The outputs of the entries are reflected on the dashboard which shows in real time the population on different parts of the venue. These dashboards are shown monitored via connected screens in the Venue Coordination Centre and mobile phones. This specific solution helps the operation team to manipulate the crowd in busy zones during peak times. Additionally, we can extract necessary statistics later, i.e. we may know the busiest times of different zones or give a specific number of how many people entered from each gate during the event. 

When F1 BCC Organizing Committee goes into operational phase there are lots of daily work on the venue and many people including paid stuff, volunteers, contractors and security are involved on the venue operations. One of the main points of concern is feeding those employees. Because of different shifts all the meal plans should be considered carefully. Based on departments’ demands which is caused by the breakdown of employees by zones and working hours we built a precise model which enabled the committee to minimize the waste of food.  

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