Our Case Studies

This listing contains some case studies and projects realized by Novum team.

Bumeranqkart Cashback Service

In this project, we worked with one of o the biggest cashback services in Azerbaijan, Bumeranqkart Cashback Service and created mobile application for both IOS and Android platforms and an integrated website. 

The biggest advantage of Bumeranqkart is the possibility to cash out your cashback earnings and the option to use your mobile phone instead of carrying an additional plastic card with you all the time. Contrary to the most cashback services where you need to have the actual physical card to get your earnings, Bumeranqkart application generates QR codes for each user which can be accessed and scanned at any place, anytime.

The project also includes live notifications on mobile applications about payments, monthly reports and campaigns. Project is planned to be launched by the end of March. 

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